In the town center, you will come across small, traditional shops selling all kinds of local delicacies that may not catch your eye at first. But on their shelves lie some pretty delicious treats that you ought to try if you wish to explore every treasure this area has to offer. A lot of products have been honored with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), so keep a look out for these traditional products of Sitia:

The unique cheese of Sitia is made from the natural acidification of goat and sheep milk. Known as xigalo, is usually served as an appetizer, these delicious cheese is famous all around Greece. This cheese is not mass-produced, so if you find this rare appetizer don’t miss out on the chance to taste it!

Thyme honey from the brushwoods of Sitia’s is insurpassable; light, golden and heavenly flavored by the wildflowers of the hinterland, this honey is on its own reason enough to visit Sitia. It still plays a major role in Greek cuisine; it is utilized mostly in desserts like Xerotigana, kalitsounia and on top of nerati pie as a substitute of sugar.

Handmade trachanas is another homemade staple of Crete. Similar to couscous, trachanas is made with fresh eggs and wheat flour, dried to a grain-like shape. It is a perfect and nutritious addition in soups and heart-warming broths, and a loved substitute to rice in scrumptious risottos.

In the villages of Sitia, you might be offered some frozen raki, as a treat to cool you down in the summer heat; don’t hesitate, taste it ! It is simply delicious! This fruity-flavored spirit will quenche your thirst and delight the palate!

East Crete and its marvelous products are a marvelous surprise for all the senses. Book your accommodation at the Porto Kaza in Sitia and rush to explore all its hidden treasures! For more visit