Crete is a gorgeous place and the largest island in Greece known for its beautiful beaches, Knossos Palace, its laid back lifestyle, its ancient cities and the stunning natural landscapes. So, either you are an adventurer or nature admirer, Crete is definitely the place to be.

The island is so big and diverse that it’s almost impossible explore the whole at once. It is even harder to deciding on the best areas to stay. So that’s why I am going to talk you about Sitia province and East Crete.

For nature lovers there are several routes through country roads that lead to the mountainous regions of Sitia, giving them the opportunity to delve into the island’s nature, gathering wild herbs during spring time, enjoy the panoramic views and discover remote beaches where they can swim in privacy.

On the East part of Crete island, there are hidden waterfalls like Richtis and Mylon , gorges like Hohlakion and Dead gorge in Kato Zakros, as well as unique places with their own native flora and fauna. The famous palm tree grove called Vai is ideal for couples who wish to enjoy a romantic walk through the pristine nature and marvel the awe-inspiring sunset and breathtaking views from the top. Whether you are looking for challenges then conquer the highest peak Spathi (2148m) in the heart of the Lasithi regio, it is a great place for hiking.