Looking for best hiking trails in East Crete?

Well-marked gorge routes were created about 2 million years ago when Crete toke its final form. Easy to difficult hikes and diverse landscape superb natural surroundings – here are the classics you just have to like. East Crete’s best hiking trails include:

  • Dead Gorge
  • Richtis Gorge
  • Hohlakion” Gorge

Dead Gorge-Trail in Kato Zakros

Difficulty: Easy

Duration 3 hours

Tip: follow orange sings

It is a place that carries these ancient roots and bonds of humans with nature. The Kato Zakros Trail is a marked long-distance hiking trail measuring more than 2,500 kilometres through the local countryside. The landscape varies from green lands to dry wild and naked areas. In spring, the green cliffs release the scents of pure Cretan Nature.

The entire trail is marked with orange markers and signs, so you always know which direction to go and don’t have to worry about getting lost. It starts from the village “Ano Zakros”, crossed the gorge and ends next to the Minoan palace in the gulf of Kato Zakros.

Richtis Gorge-Trail Exo Mouliana

Difficulty: Moderate Duration:3-4 hours Tip: Take your swimsuit

Perfect for both seasoned hikers and those just getting started, the 3.000 m long Richtis Trail takes you through the beautiful and historical landscape of Exo Mouliana. It is a great alternative for those who want to combine hiking with swim.

The hiking trail is nearly 3 kilometers long, extending from the Exo Mouliana village, in the east Crete to Richtis beach. Taking you through deep forests of deciduous trees, along quiet brooks, picturesque watermills, and through deep gorges. Exo Mouliana trail is a historical and cultural marvel set in some of the most stunning scenery you’ll ever pass through.

Hohlakies Gorge-Trail Hohlakies

Difficulty: Easy Duration: 40 minutes

The 1,5 km Hohlakies trail is perfect for hikers in the warmer months. It is well-suited for those looking for a less strenuous hike in East Crete. At the end of the trail, you could relax at the private sandy beach named Karoumes beach.