With deep palm forests, more than 5 000 palm trees, hills and a fine white sandy shore, there is plenty to do at Vai beach, Greece. We’ve got a list for you!

Agios Nikolaos is only 93 km away, Sitia is a half an hour bus ride away, and from Heraklion, it’s a three-hour-drive. Vai beach, Greece is closer than you might think, easy to access and travel around. It’s also a landscape with a great variety of activities for kids too.

1. Swimming

Vai beach, Greece is where the young, the old visitors around the world enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or just generally lazing around in the summer months. At the second beach close to Vai, named Psili Ammos swimwear is optional. Some people like to jump into the water au naturel.

2. Water Sports

You can also rent canoes or water bikes and explore the bottom of Vai beach, Greece, you should definitely make a stop close to ancient Itanos town where you will be able to see Itanos sunken city, Greece. Just decide your own pace and sections, but remember: kids in canoes/kayaks can easily become restless. Make sure to plan plenty of stops along the way.

3. Hiking

North of Vai, there is an easy hiking trail connecting Vai beach with Erimoupolis beach; while not steep, it still offers magnificent views. The route is 2 km, with plenty of places to swim along the way if you fancy a dip!

4. Eating local Τρώγοντας τοπικά

Need to refuel between all the activities? Restaurant and Cafe in Vai serve light lunches and traditional dishes.

5. Stunning viewpoints

At the top of the cliff, you will be able to have a nice view over the 5000 palm trees. At the viewpoint, there is a simple bench where you can sit and appreciate the view, while you will sometimes see surfers and swimmers enjoying the water on the beach below.

Getting here

By bus: There are frequent buses between Sitia and Vai. This bus line usually operates from 8 am to 4 pm.

By car: Vai beach has lots of parking spaces available to park your car.